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Accidently On Purpose- Miminari $7.00

Image of Accidently On Purpose- Miminari $7.00


Limited Run of Specially packaged CDs with a 5"x 10" black canvas patch. Printed and hand numbered by Gretta, Squid, and Derek.

Miminari (Japanese)- a relentless buzzing in the ear, much like tinnitus.

"Miminari is the unrelenting new disc from Accidently on Purpose The disc is highlighted by muscular punk songs with old school roots and a modern focus.”
Don Thrasher

Track List:
1. Sould Vegas
2. The Drifter
3. AKA
4. Powdered Sugar Pranks
5. Nothing In Particular
6. Junkmail Conversation
7. Shotgun Bride
8. Frequency
9. Dirty As A Fly

"Dayton natives (Accidently on Purpose) have had my attention for just over a year now. It's not to often when you come across a female fronted Rock band that actually Rock the stage with such aggressive behavior. I have seen this band live many of times and have always wandered why they haven't recorded...but the best things come to those who wait. This CD has brought out the absolute best of what AOP can deliver... MIMINARI is a perfect example of how ROCK'nROLL still lives in the hearts of us all and how it will never die. Gretta Smak (vocals/guitar) brings a slight soulful at times...but powerful presence throughout this disc while the rest of the band equally match up the rest of the missing pieces that bring everything together as a unit to make this band come alive. Powerhouse drums throughout...great guitars...driving bass lines is all that matters to create a great ROCK band and this band has it all. Most noted tracks on this CD have to be (The Drifter) and (AKA) that bring forth their most creative side of how this band does things right. So the next time your thinking about looking for something new from a local band...give these guys a shot and see them live. You won't be dissappointed."
Dave Fishwick Neus Subjex 08/03/2008

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