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My Latex Brain- Displasia Royale $10.00

Image of My Latex Brain- Displasia Royale $10.00


My Latex Brain wears a middle finger on their sleeve.

Fueled by anger and the freedom to rebel, call it what you will, this is a protest. Combining sheer force and brute technology, My Latex Brain urges you to stick it to the man as they sing songs about imperialism and social decay. Their latest CD offering, Dysplasia Royale, was recorded live on 11/15/06 at the legendary Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, and displays the trio's unique ability to shape disgruntled anthems from a hellbroth of twitchy nerves and blistering pummel.

Track List:
1 Consumination
2 Letter to the President
3 eight
4 To Be Hip When You Die
5 Dragonscrew
6 Cigarette Jack
7 Rocketship for Mungo
8 My Latex Brain v. Board of Education
9 Good Foot
10 Blue Suede Suzie
11 Song '42
12 Fits Like a Glove
13 Capitalist Knife

© 2007 My Latex Brain / Dirty Dayton Music (634479565847)