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My Latex Brain Good Is Dead $10.00

Image of My Latex Brain Good Is Dead $10.00


On the heels of their recent self-produced live album, “Dysplasia Royale” (May ‘07), My Latex Brain offer up “Good Is Dead” (Feb ‘08), their first ever studio full-length. The new album, true to DIY tradition, was entirely self-produced and is the second release on Dayton, Ohio's Consumer Value Deluxe Recordings. Consisting of sixteen face-melting tracks, “Good Is Dead” delivers a massive dose of My Latex Brain’s signature brand of sonic brutality.

“Since 1999,My Latex Brain has been trafficking in an extreme blend of industrial music and punk rock. "Good is Dead," the new album from Hoops (vocals, keyboards), Chris Corn (bass) and Roger Owsley (drums), is firmly in that wheelhouse but has a higher quotient of melody mixed within the noise.” - Don Thrasher, Dayton Daily News

Track Listing:
1 Blunderstacks
2 Save Your Skin
3 Off With the Shithead
4 Letter to the President
5 Rocketship for Mungo
6 Star Spangled Meat Suit
7 Remover Installer
8 Good Is Dead
9 Black Pupa
10 Brownpaper Lightshow
11 Sad Pill
12 Back to the Evil
13 L.A. Song
14 Capitalist Knife
15 Dirty Uncle Sam
16 Die Raver Robinson

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