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The Whathaveya- The Whathaveya $10.00

Image of The Whathaveya- The Whathaveya $10.00


“Quirky tunes that are like a mish-mash of all sorts into one quirky rock n’ roller coaster ride. If you love Swedish band The Hives then Ohio quartet The Whathaveya might just be for you. Listening to tracks from the band’s debut Explodes! turns out to be quite an experience; it is both very trippy and very raucous. Piecing together lyrics in a weird and wonderful way…”
- The LPM Voice: Issue 15

“Churning up out of the primordial ooze in the outpost of Lebanon, new outfit The Whathaveya dish out some raw, but melodic, garage/punk recalling Mudhoney, early GBV, and any other trashy, lo-fi band you wanna mention from that era....”
- Kyle Melton / The Buddha Den

Track List:
1. Yeah!
2. With the Radio On
3. The Burn
4. Spymaster
5. Song No.1
6. Somethin's Got to Give
7. Bright Lights, Fresh Eyes
8. Seventeen, Nice Dream, Summertime
9. Laughter is the Best Medicine
10. Here's to Your Arms
11. Black Kitty
12. The Other One